The Focus of RUBI Landscape Design is You!

We believe that the design of your landscape is based around five key factors combined to create a whole, the nucleus of which is YOU!

 Our process involves:

  • Capturing your individual requirements for the project.
  • Interpreting those requirements and designing it with a perfect balance of ingenuity and practicality.
  • Creating an enduring, timeless landscape.
  • Uniquely matching the landscapes to your home.
  • Finally, bringing the concept to life in smooth, seamless transition.

What to Expect when you choose RUBI Landscape Design

RUBI Landscape Design was founded on a love for the outdoors, a drive and passion towards inventive design and an incredibly honouring experience of working on a personal level with all of our clients to create landscapes that will form an integral part of our client’s everyday life. 

Exploring innovative design options, we concentrate on providing landscape designs that are environmentally compatible and timeless. Combined with your needs and requirements for your project, we mix elements extracted from our own ingenious design ideas, our favourite projects, personal travels and experiences in life to provide you with an outdoor space that flawlessly reflects you!

We adore working with people, building relationships with our clients and seeing them in awe and excitement over the transformation of their landscapes. Most importantly we love what we do and treat every project with the care and dedication we would treat our own personal landscapes!