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Based in Australia and headed by principal and founder, Prue Ruzicka, RUBI Landscape Design is dedicated to providing state of the art landscape designs to the local, national and international, residential and commercial markets.

Principal and Founder

Prue Ruzicka, is a vibrant, fresh landscape designer with over 9 years experience in the landscaping and pool industries. Her love and passion for life spent outdoors, a flare for inimitable design and finally her love of people enabled her to turn her passion into a thriving business that offers unique exterior styling, through an all-encompassing landscape design and project management service.  Read more about Prue.

Forefront of the Landscaping Industry

RUBI Landscape Design is at the forefront of the Landscaping industry and is dedicated to providing personally crafted, exterior living solutions. We believe in the gentle integration of innovative design with functionality and essential livability. We intricately craft each project to ideally match the architecture, geography and climate of your landscape.

Qualifications and Experience

We are equipped to undertake any size landscape design and documentation project. RUBI has a full range of qualifications and experience in 

  • landscape design,

  • landscaping,

  • horticulture,

  • conservation and land management,

  • pool design and pool construction industries.

Balancing Functionality, Design and the Environment

Paramount to each of our landscape designs is that they will endure, maintaining an environmental compatibility and balancing a distinctive and competing blend of functionality and inventive elements. Dedicated and genuinely captivated by all of our projects we are able provide our clients with a comprehensive landscape design package. Read more about the Landscape Design Process.

Attention to Detail

Spending our every free moment outdoors, we understand the privilege it is to be involved in the design of your landscape and we understand how important it is to get it right,  down to the tiniest detail! Many of our most precious memories were created when spending time outdoors and we would love to help create the backdrop to which many of your future memories will be captured! Look through our Projects Portfolio.